Software engineering manager and Team leader
I love my work and want to share my humble experience



$> Decision making
        Management of projects and task priorities
        Push to prod and hotfix orchestration
        Code and stream architecture
$> Project management
        Functional and technical specification
        Roadmap / Backlog / Issue / Priorities management

$> Team management / Team building
        Meeting management (Standup, Kickoff, Sprint)
        Developer assignment training and support
        Semestrial review, bonuses and salary increase
        Hiring, Staff issue management
        International team management (NL, RO)
$> Events, presentations and reporting
        Tech day and team building events
        Up and down reporting, exco presentations
        Office management
$> Technical skills
        Languages => Go, Perl, NodeJS, VUE.js, PHP, Ruby
        Tools => Git, Trello, Jenkins, Docker, Redmine, Packer, Terraform, GCP
        DB => Couchbase, ElasticSearch, Redis, MySQL
        OS => Ubuntu, Debian


$> Weborama experience details
        My main experience is the last nine years past in Weborama. Weborama is a company working on digital marketing, it builds socio-demo and behavioral profiles based on Natural Language Processing to target web user and display the right message to the right person at the right time.
        I started in this company as an agile developer, then I became project manager and I am Software Engineering Manager since 4 years.

Diploma, Training

$> Diploma
        DESS Multimedia and communicating system 
        University Paris XV (Cergy Pontoise)
$> Last training
        Google Cloud Storage Fundamental (MOOC)


$> Sport
        Running, Triathlon