Build the better technical stack possible based on open source tools

I’m starting here a work about the ideal technical stack I would choose if I had to start a business tomorrow.

Actually it isn’t the ideal stack but it is mine today. During the coming weeks, I will do my best to propose a solution. It isn’t the best solution, because it is always possible to do better and I don’t pretend to be the best developer in the world. However, I will do my best and try to be pragmatic and concrete.

Using Github

As an business starter and because this work should be opened to everybody, I will use open source software and tools. Furthermore, it fits to my philosophy and my usage. All my work will be published on github here.

I will try to organize my work in subfolder, perhaps this will be enhance over the time and I will create other github repositories but everything will be linked to this main github repository


To make my work the most accessible and usable I choose the most opened license : MIT license


Let’s fix here a set of important standards:

  • Use the code convention of the language used : we don’t need to create our own convention. Use the language convention make your code more readable to everybody
  • Do unit test : try to be upper than 80 % of code covered by test unit
  • Do integration test : used to run integration test on integration environment
  • Document code : explain the code and document function (input, output, description, example)
  • Document project : a user who want to deploy the solution from scratch should be able to do it following

And Now, let’s start this new adventure !